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  • Bulk Image Edit by Hextom

    Bulk alt-text-updating, minimizing, resizing, cropping product or asset images. Generate sales from faster page loading and better image SEO
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    • Dunbar Paralax

      Yahoo! Wowser - these guys came through. We were quite stuck on an issue and reached out for assistance and it came through for us. Thanks Hextom - we appreciate your help. We have 10,000 SKU's and 1960 images that needed to be configured in bulk - these guys have the 1st app that makes this process possible. They 'get' e-commerce and are ideal for our needs. We can't possibly port parent / child sku's and images from LightSpeed into Shopify and edit them one by one. This app is the 1st to allow png to- jpeg fix + adding in alt text + squaring all our iages - saving time and obviously money - and we can grow with them - it will take awhile but we will ultimately arrive at 3500 images.

    • Diverse Clothing

      I will return when I've used the app more, but seems clean installing etc. Should be super useful! Edit: I've since used the app for Alt Tags and it works simply enough, there are 1 or 2 features which I'm curious might be in the paid version (wondering if you can set varying Alt Tags instead of Universally applying changes) and I'm also unsure how to keep track of which items Alt Tags have already been updated (necessary because i refine my Alt Tags further after using BIE). anyway, I'll be checking out the paid version to see if required functionality there. I've not used the resizing functions at all yet, or any paid element, this isn't stopping me using the free Alt Tag creator.

    • From The Red Tees

      Have been using this app for a few months now on the Alt Tags. This is the behind the scenes picture labeling that identifies your pic to a search engine. Didn't know what that was for the first few months of our website! Darned learning curve never seems to end! That said, I set up the template with ease and this program did the rest of the work automatically! Every once in a while I choose a few pics, including new pics, to see how the alt tag is looking and it is always there! It feels good to know that something in my store is working without me having to remember to do it. Thank you for this product!

    • Lookbook Boutique

      This is seriously the most comprehensive Shopify editing application that I've found for managing all of my Shopify /collection/ product /image/descriptions or financial changes and edits in the one app. It is so huge and does so many things that you do need to spend some time learning its functionally but its totally worth it in the long run, saving you so much time and therefore money! For example, if you want t make append a note to the end of all of your product descriptions regarding final sale or how to return items, you just select your collection, write your message once and run the app! that s it!

    • Shop Here Pravalia

      I used up to now another app which was able to add some tags on Alt function only to main pic and I was not able to differentiate the tags for each category, so a totally mess. With Hextom app, for the free option, I was able to edit all my pics per each category, I was able to chose the format of tag, also they correct all pics file names based on whatever I chose in format. Great app, great free features, covering basics of SEO. Looking forward for a promo, a fee feature for resizing all photos :) Fully recommended from my side, I am extremely happy with the free feature.