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    Bulk Discounts lets you create up to 250,000 discount codes at a time. Save time and effort with our quick setup
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    Bulk is a tool that helps you handle large volume of discount codes by generating them or importing them from social platforms. It is that simple that you can simply copy and paste a list of discount codes from excel and they are automatically launched.

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    It's a free app included in your Shopify basic plan, it would be a pity not to use it !

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      App is misleading. Customers can only use "one" coupon code during check out. So if a customer buys 4 products, which means they get 4 coupon codes, the customer has to enter in their shipping information, credit card, billing info, etc 4 separate times which is a huge hassle to customers. On the merchant end, because only one order can have one coupon code, this means 4 products now becomes 4 separate orders which means the merchant is wasting money mailing 4 separate packages to the same customer. Customers get aggravated, and business owners waste thousands of dollars on excess shipping due to "one discount code per order."

    • Bijou Cove

      Does not work as expected. In the article below by shopify, it is stated if you leave the date fields blank you can create a code that does not expire. Not true. It does not work. I didn't notice the end date sent out my codes and all of them expired th3 same day I sent them out. I had a second look today & tested it and no it was no error on my part, but the app does not work. — All they had to do was code a check box for this like on the regular discounts page, but no, instead they served it up half done. Bad UX design anyway.

    • Bikini Luxe Swim

      This is a fantastic little app to quickly generate bulk discounts, something to be noted is that it will fill up your current discounts. So you may want to take a quick note of the ones that you currently have available. We generated a few thousand new ones for our Bikini and designer swimwear loyalty program and our previous codes are almost impossible to find unless you know what they were before to search for them. This in no way should take away from how great the app is but just a quick tip and suggestion!

    • Sf Fashion Designs

      i like it, i just wish i could edit my discounts though, besides that its good. Also would let me save some time by just sending the codes alone rather than have to copy and delete the unnecessary digits and words. Can i reuse the codes? as in if i use bulk discounts to set up my sweet tooth loyalty program and i have a spending level of $5 off for 50 points, can i use those same codes in the same spending level, would it work the same way after they are all used up?

    • Nanico & Nanica

      It works, it's easy to use, it well integrated with shopify and it has a nice intuitive interface, but it has no customization options whatsoever. My store has a non-english speaking audience, so I need to translate the strings. But the app has no options for this. Also, it doesn't allow for design personalizations, so it doesn't fit with my store design.