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  • Mega Menu

    Create submenus with link lists, featured products, featured collections and showcase your newest products and best sellers.
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    • Europabay

      This review is long overdue! Thanks to this Amazing APP and the support team at Mega Menu we now have a wonderful menu system at EuropaBay, showcasing all our categories in debt and even individual products. The App is so easy to use and very reliable which was my biggest concern with using any app as a menu system. Shame on shopify for not incorporating this menu system as standard package with all themes. I personally spent months trying to find a theme that had a nice, easy to use menu system, highly customisable and easy to navigate ... I found all that and more in Mega Menu and bare in mind they are still in Beta Stage so Only great things to follow! The Staff and support are excellent, and had all my questions answered within a few hours and even did a few custom tweaks for me.

    • Gflock

      I don't think this app going to help if the majority of your traffic from mobiles. They got a decent desktop menu with limited configurations, but manageable. But, Very, very poor mobile menu. Not configurable. The mobile menu must organize differently to use limited space efficiently. This mobile menu is almost same as their desktop menu and the user simply has to scroll down a lot to find what they want. Simply very bad design for anyone who got few more categories in their menu. No technical support. They keep advising to go for the third party for even a simple change. But customize an app with a third party developer is waiting for disaster. By the way, They said there are working on improving the mobile menu and provide help for customizations.

    • Nicholsonwatchco

      Mega Menu has really helped a lot... We ran into a problem with our Shopify template seeing we could not add subcategories easily. We were recommended Mega Menu from their tech support. This enabled us to use through our main menu drop down filters so our clients could search for specific brand names which I feel through our feedback so far will increase sales. The biggest issue we heard was customers having to browse through our watch catalog which took a little extra time. With our menu being updated at least we have given them another method to search thus fixing the initial feedback issues we encountered with our site.

    • Groupstore

      Definitely have to give a 5 star rating for the support and the app, great support with a free app, thanks for helping me to solve my issue of javascript error for my theme to enable this app to be use for my website, I am sure you have done so many hard work to solve this issue for me, really appreciated for the help, effort and time that you paid for it. Highly recommend this to everyone, the menu of my website look so professional and nice after install of this Mega Menu, will definitely consider to upgrade in future when it needed. Special thanks to Rox, great support!!

    • 4l Creative

      We tried the free version. First it did not come with any instructions while installing. Then it did not work as it says it should. We also discovered that it also did not work on mobile. The contact from support was not very helpful. Asked for us to create a staff account but did not make clear exactly what she needs access to even though we sent her screen shot of what we gave access to in the e-mail. We will not be using this service as we feel if we've provided service this slow and inadequate to our customers they would not use our services either.