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  • Better Coupon Box - Free Email Popups

    100% customizable email popups that offer coupons to convert visitors into email subscribers & social fans. Trusted by 90k+ Shopify stores.
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    • Ninja Brand Inc

      Shopify already does pop-up coupons, and integrates with Mailchimp for free, and they already do targeted coupons as well. These guys want to charge $99 a year, and basically what you'll get is exit intent and social sharing in the email signup box. So in the end, I'm paying all this money to unlock what I used to get for free so I can have exit intent and input social media sharing into the pop-up. I wasn't aware I've been losing tons of customers that were trying to sign up to my email list using this App, since the people were getting their discount codes, but not getting added to my email list... So when they enter their email, basically nothing happens. Just doesn't seem right to try and take away from the functions I already pay for, that are really function of another App, and try to screw me out of using my Apps because you won't integrate with them unless I pay $99. I also just saw their pop-up for MailBot... So basically they want to sucker you into paying or using their own email marketing app, otherwise the free version just keeps people from signing up for your newsletter and you'll miss a lot of traffic. I'd pay a smaller amount, but not $99, that's ridiculous when really it's your other Apps you already pay for that are doing most of the work that you're paying for.

    • Divahairdeals

      This app is NOT compatible with the other top apps such as "Upsell" from Boldapps, etc. This app has cost us more than $1,000 of sales in the last week or so because of incompatibility issues with other great money-making apps. We strongly advise finding another alternative to what this provides. We regret paying the $100 for this since we have now uninstalled it. We also had to remove the extra "bk-tracking.liquid" snippet that it tries to leave behind in your theme coding to continue tracking your store even after its gone!! SHADY!! Also, support takes at least 48 hours to respond and doesnt really have any info on how to fix issues that THEIR app has created. I had to have the other app devs tell me how to fix these problems. Never ever using any Beeketing app again.

    • Go Kids Gear

      Had to test it out before giving a review. I was hoping it integrated with Market Hero, but mail-chimp will do for now. From the sounds of what support told me, Market Hero might be integrated in the future (fingers crossed). Point being, know what email responders integrate with the app. Can't wait to use the paid for service. In the mean time, the free version is good for starters. You can customize what pages the discount is placed on. Took me a little while to learn how to manage some things, but I'm a beginner. So, experienced individuals should have no problem using this app.

    • Bath Discovery

      Grate application. Very easy to use. Took me 2 minutes to set it up. We started to collecting Likes right the way and had at least few orders from a coupon promotion. This is a win-win for us. This app works grate, but if developers can add a few extra options, it would be the best app on the market and would defiantly worth to spend a few dollars each month. The best way to improve this app would be to add: 1. More customization for color, style, and font. 2. Have an option to integrate with MailChimp and other mail apps. 3. To have Analytics, just to see how this app performs.

    • Divine Designz Cosmetics

      This app is absolutely AMAZING! At first it grew my Facebook following for a while. Then I decided that I wanted to grow my email subscription list. I would hardly get any subscribers on the sign up list on my website so I came up with the brilliant idea of adding it to my coupon box! BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE! This app grew my email list from 10 to over 100 just in a matter of days! I highly recommend this app! It has increased my sales tremendously. It's so easy to use, very intuitive and just amazing! Thank you for creating such a wonderful app!!!