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  • Easy Contact Form

    Fully Customizable and Responsive Contact Form. Add/edit fields and background image. Open contact form with custom link or embed in page.
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    • Quilt Girls

      I really like this contact form. It is the price is right. I love how simple it was to install and set up. They give you lots of great options, but my favorite is the ability to put a photo image behind your contact other contact form that I found in the shopify app store has this feature. I sell children't fabric and this feature lets me customize the form to my shop. It really looks like it belongs. LOVE IT! The forms function is great, too. I can set this up to come to my personal email (the customer never sees my email address) and then I can reply directly to them. NICE! Highly recommend. If you want to see how this looks, visit my shop and click on the "Contact Us" at the top

    • Pretty Little Gifts 2

      Zotobox have a collection of apps I have to recommend. Contact forms Facebook Live Chat Promo Bar Social Buttons Simple Popup Email Capture *Integrates with Mailchimp and so much more.. you really have to try them out. They have a complete DASHBOARD all in one. You can turn on or off. Have rules.. I could really keep going. When I loaded this app.. I got more than I bargained for. Was a truly lovely surprise. I am not tech savvy it was incredibly simple and customisable. Before you decide to go and try all different apps with different prices and I should mention most of the good apps Zotobox offer are FREE. Please do your business a favour and try them out.

    • Civilstock

      I use Zotabox's Contact Form and also the Notification Box Apps which are all in one App. Both apps are great! The Contact Form is very smooth, fast and matching our with our theme and page layout, due to their customization options. The Notification Box is very simple and for our shop it was ideal as it allowed me to use it without harassing people. The options allowed me to stick to my business model and policy but still use a clever and beautiful feature to show a new customer something special about our shop. Thank you for taking care of these simple yet very important functions for our shop.

    • Newcakes

      Easy Contact Form is fantastic! My website had been around for a long time and has quite a large base of new customers as well as returning customer but since using this little lightbox have had a major increase in contact us forms inquiries. I'd say about 80% of which have turned into conversions (off course you have to have great customer service as well). The best part about it, it is FREE! Also I have had many customers complementing the form, saying it makes the site look very professional and trustworthy. Have a look at my website to see the live version of it in action!

    • Crosswordsite

      An excellent app. I was pointed towards this app by Shopify, who admitted that their native contact form was spam-prone. I am glad they did, because I have found that Easy Contact Form not only works well but that I could easily customize it to do what I wanted and to match my store's theme. Also, I had a minor issue with Easy Contact Form and their support fixed it for me very quickly and efficiently. Always a good thing - you don't want to get an app and then find nobody's home when you have a problem. Thoroughly recommended.