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    Best free email marketing app to send new customers a welcome email from Store Founder automatically. Boost customer engagement & sales.
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    Happy Email sends an email from your store founder/owner to your new customers. The mail is sent 30 minutes after the purchase so that it feels natural for them and appear as if you had actually taken time to write it yourself. This is a great app to make to right first impression to your customers.

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    • Kimmeasmilefulboutiq

      I LOVE Love love this App!! The App is an excellent addition to my Shop I honestly believe it will contribute to my success. I love that I now have the ability to reply and communicate with my customer's more efficiently. I know as a customer myself there is nothing more frustrating than not getting a response or having a question answered in a timely manner. It is usually, for this reason, I will not make a purchase because the shop owner has not replied to my message. I am very excited this App was created and the fact that it is FREE is absolutely wonderful. If you do not have this App included in your Shop for your Customer's I highly recommend that you include it in your shop immediately. You have nothing to lose doing so, only gain, and it is at NO Cost to you Happy Selling!!! Thank you, Merci to the App Creator of Happy Email!! Respectfully, Kimberly Drobot :)

    • Ce Institute

      I think this is a great idea and I feel bad for leaving a free app a 4 star review - but I am also EMBARRASSED BEYOND BELIEF that the "email from founder" tells customers to contact us if they "need a shopping buddy". That's really unprofessional for my business. I tried to find what the email said/language when I installed the app - but I couldn't find the email language anywhere, then I forgot about it. But today, someone just emailed me a response to this crazy language - and again - I'm mortified that "Happy Email" thinks their predrafted language is appropriate for owners to be sending customers via internet purchases. Maybe it will be better now that I've changed the language but this is really a horrible start.

    • Grassroots Baby

      I'm happy I found this app! I've had it installed for a couple weeks now, and while I don't get a ton of responses to my email, I see positive interactions via Facebook. I included an invitation to my shop's chatter private chatter group with a link, and I am frequently seeing customers request to join our group shortly after they've made purchases. Along with a few other changes we've made to our chatter group, we are seeing much more interaction and a boost in sales. I really love that it works in store as well, so when I enter new email addresses to send receipts and add them to my loyalty program, they also receive my new welcome email!

    • Team Sports Gift

      I just started using the app so I really do not know what the customer reaction is going to be. Keeping my fingers crossed. What I do know is there are some limitations to the signature area. Unfortunately you are not able to format your contact information. The phone number is one big number and your address is on the same line as the phone number. I asked for help with this issue and, although it was a very timely response, they said that they said, "there is a limit in customizing this part of Happy Email." This is a really bummer to me as I prefer to look more professional. Here's to hoping they fix this glitch soon!

    • Skullyskorner

      Thank you Happy Email! You solved the problem I created in my head on the way home the other evening... "...Now how in the world am I going to send a personalized email to each and every customer right after their purchase? I'm a one man operation here..." I knew that I could automate one on a schedule or just check it all the time (which would take my entire day alone), but I also knew that if you can send the email RIGHT afterwards, it has a lot more chances of being read and WOW'ing them... ending the first impression the right way! I can't wait to check out your other products once my budget allows! :)