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  • Rewind - Backups for Shopify

    An automated, secure backup solution for your Shopify store. Gives you peace of mind knowing your important store data is backed up safely.
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    • The Fine Wooden Article Company

      Cannot recommend Mike and his team at Rewind highly enough. Having invested time and money building The Fine Wooden Article Companies Shopify site, and once realising that its copy, images and content was not backed up I approached Shopify for advice. Rewind was quickly suggested. A couple of email exchanges with Mike were had and Mike took it from there. Installing the App and running tests to ensure all was in order. Really pleased with the experience and from our point of view, a good value for money level of insurance should anything go wrong with the site. That said one area which still remains of a little concern, is the backing up of our sites settings and navigation buttons. I raised this with Mike and am assured that he and his team are working on this area of the service and once a solution has been developed and tested will be implemented automatically, included in the subscription fee. So I look forwards very much to receiving notification when this has happened in the near future.

    • Twiggz

      We are a brick and mortar store primarily. We have thousands of products listed on our Shopify store. The issue is that online sales are a very small percentage of our sales. So spending must be scaled appropriately. We are overall pleased with Shopify and the list of plugins we are using. That being said, we find that the rates for Rewind are out of scale with the benefit of the service. It is the most expensive plugin we use, but not the most critical. We have to use the pro plan which is 39 USD/mth. Does storage really cost that much guys? No it doesn't. We will be suspending the service and waiting for a more affordable service that is surely to arrive. ie: We subscribe to one Terabyte of storage with Apple for only $3.99 a month. We would be be back in a flash if our plan dropped to less than $10/mth.

    • Chateauantiques

      Remember that feeling of wishing you had backed up the information or photos you just lost? If you are worried about loosing any of your work, or looking to trial a new feature or changes to your website, get this app and have a lot less things to worry about! I found this app as I was undertaking changes to, and wanted a way back if I either needed one because there was an issue with the new code, or just if I preferred how things were before. The customer service given by this company alone gives great peace of mind as to their efficiency, and coupled with being able to see clearly that backups are happening automatically makes this app essential for anyone who values the work and investment they have put into their Shopify site. Essential. Sean,

    • Raindrop Com

      Making the switch over from WPEngine Wordpress hosting left a lot to be wanted in regards to backups, that is, until I found the Rewind app. I have to say, I'm quite impressed. I can back up my entire store in one click, and then rewind different parts of the store to earlier versions without having to rewind the entire store itself. So if I destroy all my products somehow, I can rewind just those... and nothing else if I don't want to... And that, made it MUCH better than any other backup I have ever used. So bravo for the brilliant app, and thank you for bringing me peace of mind knowing that every part of my shop is backed up, and safe.

    • Natur Aux Pattes

      Up to date, I am really satisfied, although I have not had the chance to use it yet (which is what we want, of course!). But the app seems to be really good, it looks really easy to use and the site is uptaded frequently, and you do not have to think of doing it (contrary to my previous sotre, which I had to do it myself). The support seems great and they seem to be there if we have a problem or when the time comes to use this app. For the price, I found it amazing !