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  • Auto Currency Switcher

    This app automatically detects country of the user and displays all the prices in the home currency of that user.
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    • Kidsfunplaces

      I found alot of apps of this type but i took a closer look and i choose this 1 and dont regret, you hjave the choice to implement the codes for yourself and however i am good with code, i was affraid of destroying my store lol so better be sure and i opt in for "them" to implement...after i added mlveda to the staff account ( totally safe btw ) then i saw the currency allready on the page but not working ( so this is normal dont worry ) after 2 days i got email that they finishe dup the work and its working like a beast now, also nice implement in the layout...well thank you guys, very satisfied... check it out yourself guys if not convinced Its a must have app with great support behind...

    • Sophees

      This IS one of the best apps out there, the support staff are patient and understanding and many thanks for the effort they have shown, This is a New review after being with them for 6months I think I am in a better position to honestly recommend this app.The Free version does what it says NO HIDDEN CATCHES.Best That I Have Found Honest Recommendation 10 stars ease of use, support, functionality, and option, outstanding, thank you.Looks Great. New/Updated Four months later, on the free version and these Guys still Prove there one of the BEST, Can not Fault this App or the Support in any way,Can't Wait till I can Get My FlagsStill 10 stars + Thankyou Again

    • Vpn Router

      This is a brilliant app. We are using the free version and it works really well and they even set it all up for us in a day. You just add them to your store as a staff member and they do all the work! Now thats cool . We then asked them to change things so it was just how we wanted it and there was still no charge for the setup or use. Having really good free apps like this is essential to help shopify store owners actually grow their businesses. I would recommend this app to all stores who are looking for the best solution. These guys rock! Six Stars is what these guys deserve. Stop thinking about which app to use, its this one. Its free so just do it.

    • Eros4play

      I wasn't able to receive a reply from this developer from the first time I installed. I couldn't make it work and out of frustration I uninstalled it and installed another one. Unfortunately the second app I installed were not within our expectation either. Just when we thought we would leave it until next time, MLVEDA reached out to me through email and offered me to make it work. I gave it a try and I am so glad MLEDA came back to us and make it worked as good as we want. Not only the app is work fine the artistic finish is also able our expectation. We thank MLVEDA for their hard work and patience shown in this job!

    • Natures Absolutes

      I've only been using the Auto Currency Switcher for a short while and had absolutely no problem integrating it into my store the first time. Later however i could not figure out how to change the base currency of the store and one email was all it took. Within 15 minutes of sending my help query i had a reply asking me to add them as a staff member on my story and within an hour of doing that i had my problem fixed. Keep in mind i'm only using their free version right now and this level of customer service for free members will go a long way in ensuring they become loyal and paying ones!