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  • Amazon Affiliate Integration

    Use the Amazon Affiliate Integration app to show ads on your Shopify store (where you choose) that contain your Amazon affiliate ID!
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    • Drakkar Noir

      I can only give it a 3. It does work however as someone mentioned you have to remove your Mcafee app which is not ideal for me. Ontop of that theres the an Error notification saying my AWS key is not registered with Amazon Associate, when in fact the key that is displayed is not mine. The recommended products do show though. There is also a very large issue for me where my shop no longer is "https://" secured. Instead I get the big red "NOT SECURED" in my browser. So the trade off of installing app in my case is just not worth it.

    • Tiangge Bonanza

      Hi I just want to get hold of anyone who is responsible for this apps?I did try your apps trial but I didn't go on through the subscription totally and removed the apps during trial period but still I was charge twice the monthly amount of $7.00.I just don't understand it.Someone has to give explanation about this.Please contact me asap.Thank you.

    • Orchestra Depot

      I gave it 4 out of 5 simply due to support problems and installation problems. If you install and you get no output of products. Make sure and check for interactions with other apps. In my case, it was Mcaffee that blocked the Amazon app from displaying results.

    • Esscents Aromatherapy

      This is subject to change. I have put 2 hours into trying to find the AWS API. I have both an affiliate and sellers account with Amazon. The closest I can get is going into the developers section where it tells you how to make them. that is way over my head.

    • Buzzirked

      For us begenners, this video does NOT help. Ive already got the APP and affiliate account with Amazon BUT no one is telling how to pull products into your store, so that when customers click and buy, it goes directly to Amazon checkout !!!!!!!!!