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  • Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

    Automatically track shipments and notify customers delivery updates. Support USPS, Fedex, UPS & 50+ couriers. Try it FREE!
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  • About Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

    AfterShip provides automated update emails to your customers regarding the status of their order. It is a great way to drive the anticipation and excitement of your customers before receiving their order. It is also a great way to anticipate potential emails about your orders status. This app will make you save a lot of time and make your customers happier !

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    • Pharmacy Dropout Llc

      The advanced options are the ones a person must pay for, those are what turned me on to this, and those aren't stated until you've already signed up, which I found deceptive. That loses at least twenty percent in my opinion, that marks it down a whole star. It also will not work with my Shopify. That's right, you heard me, it DOES NOT WORK WITH SHOPIFY...if you're using Shopify as a third party app for Wix. Now, I was able to figure out how to input the same codes for Shopify, into Wix, and I made a little search bar pop up into Wix webpage. Wix users, you can indeed use this program after all, but you must not use it within Shopify, but instead, input it within another downloadable program from Wix, which allows you to create Java and HTML boxes within a webpage. You can basically follow the codes that are given to you for SHOPIFY, and use them within your Wix. It works. I am not impressed with it's abilities however. I thought it was free to use, and wasted time figuring out I was deceived. Three out of Five stars, or a C average. I would recommend this app. It's worth your time, check it out.

    • The Univerz

      I was first skeptical of the App Aftership because after I installed it, It only imported 2 shipments out of the many I've already had in place. Of course, that was before I read how it works (Haha)...Even then, I still contacted support about why I was receiving only 2 shipments on first install and they responded quickly to my inquiry and took the time out to explain everything. I've just started the e-commerce business and I must say that AfterShip is a life saver with all shipping information in one place which makes things easier when corresponding shipping details with customers and just keeping things organized, especially for a new business with zero or limited staff around. I would highly recommend this App to everyone in the drop ship business or with just an e-commerce online store. I would use AfterShip again and again in the near future when my business grows I open up more online stores.

    • Designer Intimates

      This is a great app, in that it functions exactly as you would like it do. It does what it sets out to do. BUT, there is one major issue to note, especially if you're shipping via USPS from the West Coast of the US. The text notifications can not be delayed or scheduled during normal (non sleeping) hours. The practical result of this, is that USPS updates package status at 10:30 PM at night (common in city hubs like Los Angeles), and our customers get text messages at that time, and if they're East Coast, it's 3 hours later, at 1:30 AM. This has been a major frustration for our customers, and has caused us to stop using the text functionality of the service. We've contact their support, and there's nothing they are willing to do. I haven't had the issue with UPS or FexEx, only USPS. Fair warning your customers may get texts in the middle of the night.

    •, Inc.

      This app works wonders! We can customize the different notifications to our brand using their premium service. It automatically knows when we have new orders and imports them every 3 or so hours. After that, emails are sent out to our customers about their order and the status of it. We also like how it has 1 place to track packages through multiple carriers, which makes it easy for international and UPS Mail Innovations packages. There is no need to go to multiple websites to track a shipment. There could be improvement on the time for the order importer, maybe 1 hour instead of 3 hours. It would also be nice to have the tracking button/widget follow the responsiveness of our website. The url that Aftership supplies us could have room for us to style it according to our brand colors/theme. Other than those few minor things, this app is great.

    • Mystaybowl

      I have to admit I found this app a little awkward to use. It was not highly intuitive to me but over the past week I am growing to love its capabilities. I was having trouble with USPS First Class Packages getting stuck in major USPS facilities and now I can catch it faster, send "lost package" request to USPS and inform customer we are working to resolve it before they even know it will be late. I have a lot of hope with app and will write more in a month. Overall I am recommending this app. I have a feeling I won't be able to live without it. OK, been using for a little over a month and while it is still awkward to use I do like it very much and recommend it. I will probably upgrade once I can drive monthly sales higher. I track about 50 to 60 orders per month. If I get that up to 500 this will be very helpful indeed.