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  • Advance Reorder by Identixweb favorite

    Advance Reorder app allows customers to quickly reorder their previously chosen products and make any necessary changes as they wish!
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  • About Advance Reorder by Identixweb

    Simplest way to place the Shopify previous orders again
    Manage quantity of products when placing the same order again
    Customer can also specify the quantity he/she would like to reorder for each individual product.

    When you shop for something online, you add it to your cart, place the order and you’re done. But sometimes you end up loving the stuff you just ordered so much that you wish to order it again. So, does this mean that you need to login first, then look for it again and place an order?
    Who would like to go through this process all over again? You wish there was the option of reorder.

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