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  • Accentuate Custom Fields favorite

    Accentuate brings you custom fields for your Shopify store. Easily define and edit your own fields for products, collections, pages and more
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  • About Accentuate Custom Fields

    Easily extend your Shopify store with your own fields like checkboxes, text fields, dates, selection lists and much more. Upload images and PDF files and cross-reference your objects to create anything you need to build your business.

  • Tips

    - Accentuate Custom Fields integrates seamlessly with Shopify and by building on Shopify's powerful metafield concept
    - Accentuate provides you with unprecedented options for enriching and personalizing your Shopify content.
    - Using Liquid together with Shopify Metafields, you can easily integrate the custom fields into your design template. 30 days free trial

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    • Ygger

      I tried several apps to manage metafields but this is certainly the most powerful. I contacted customer support for a problem on my theme and I immediately received a response with the solution to several of my emails. Recommended!

    • Waviators

      Great app! It fills in a major missing piece in the native Shopify admin. Support is quick to respond and helped me discover an easy way to quickly copy over fields from a dev shop to a live shop.

    • Life Teen

      Honestly, I've only used this on products so far, but this seems like the best/least hacky solution for dealing with metadata that I've seen on the App Store. 10/0 would recommend.

    • Label M Usa

      Great app!! They always reply back very quickly and even added a new feature to solve our problems

    • Modernrelik

      Great App. Great support - they made a custom solution for one of our specific needs.