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  • MoonMail Recover Checkouts

    Abandon App recoups lost revenue by emailing and reminding customers about their abandoned cart and offering a deal or promotion to encourage them to complete their orders.
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      Just great! We've been using AbandonApp for 3 months now and it's the most useful, stable, powerful and money making app inside Shopify. We started by using the lowest paid plan but we realized we had much more abandoned orders so we decided to upgrade to "advanced features" plan. This move was the best bet as this high plan has a really powerful set of pro features which we'd recommend to anyone even if having less than 500 orders per month. What we like the most is the: email me on order recovery which help us to track any order which was abandoned in the past. Just to share with other users: we don't offer any coupon and recovery rate is: every 10 orders we recover 3. I just wanted to mention that customer care is very fast and shows responsiveness. We posed them a few questions and they sent us one month fee of the pro plan, for free! Nice people! THIS IS A MUST!

    • Arize Nwosu

      Just a few days go I found myself having to go through numerous abandoned orders, locate their email addresses and proceed to email each one trying to get them to complete their orders. I thought to myself that there has to be an easier more effective and less tedious way to recover abandoned orders and that's when I discovered 'Abandon App'. I've just installed it and am already amazed by the ease of use and customizations of the mails that will be sent out. Pretty much I no longer have to search for Abandoned orders because 'Abandon App' does that for me. I no longer have to email each abandoning customer one after the other because 'Abandon App' does that for me. And most of all, I am instantly notified when an abandoned order is completed, leaving me time for the more important things in life like playing Angry Birds on my iPad.

    • Cabooties

      Make sure you trigger one of these e-mails to yourself by abandoning a cart in your store! I sent myself a test e-mail and it worked great, but when I was testing my shopping cart I triggered an e-mail to myself on accident. I was excited that it had worked, but I was disappointed when I saw the content of the e-mail. It was not even coming from the template that I had edited and activated. I went to go fix the settings, assuming that I had activated the wrong one on accident, but found the messages had supposedly come from that template. I am most frustrated, because it took me a long time to edit the template into something that looked nice and matched the colors of my store (its easy to change the font colors, but you need to use HTML code to change the button colors to match) I am uninstalling this app now.

    • Taylor Outdoor Furniture

      This app is very robust. I also strongly recommend using this company's Meta Tag Editor app as well. I have 3 related site & tried 3 different Shopify SEO apps. Long story short. Take the best of all of the other Shopify SEO apps and combine them together. That's what you get with Meta Tag Editor. I know this is suppose to be a review for Abandon App, but the 2 app go hand-in-hand and are now the foundation for all of my sites. Abandon App, Meta Tag Editor with auto updating (even does it while adding new products to my sites)...all for $6/month. WOW! No brainer. Did I mention I have been in corporate commercial sales for 25 years and have never encountered better service, even with Fortune 500's.

    • Shoelimitless

      This app is a great way to remind customers about abandoned carts without you upgrading to the next plan if you're on Shopify's Basic Plan. Like the previous remark I am on the Free plan and if you have it set to remind people about abandoned checkouts 2 hours after or less, the reminder email is actually not sent until 24 hours later from the time the order is placed in the abandoned cart position, which is the only downside to this if you're on the Free plan. Other than that the app is awesome and the email templates are easy to customize as well. No complaints.